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Entrusting your home rug to carpet cleaner experts is a wise choice. Their professional techniques, combined with the top-shelf cleaning solutions and top-rated cleaning equipment, can surely get the job done efficiently and effectively. Their thorough processes on sucking dirt and wiping stains can directly improve indoor air quality.


Turning a house into a home is a bit challenging. While the personalization and customization of the designs, furniture, and accessories can be fun, the real work lies within the day-to-day maintenance. Keeping everything clean and orderly can be tedious and time-consuming, but it can make a huge difference in creating that homey and cozy feel. 


IAQ 101


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the attributes and status of air within or around houses, buildings, or any structures. This level of air quality is vital as it directly impacts the health of the occupants and residents. Poor or compromised IAQ can cause or trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. The effects might not be visible in the short term, but repeated exposure to allergens and pollutants will surely expose negative effects in the long run.


Pollutants found inside homes and offices are actually great contributors to the environment air pollution that we are generally more aware of. The fact is, the toxic chemicals found in household or cleaning solutions, as well as the mold or bacteria grown from uncleaned areas of the buildings, greatly affect both the indoor and outdoor air quality. 


The risks that compromised IAQ poses can really be dangerous and life-threatening. The great thing is that there are several ways we can do to enhance and purify our indoor air quality, regardless if it is within an office, a house, or any other structure. To name a few:


  • Religiously clean and occasionally change the filters of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
  • Strictly no smoking of cigarettes or tobacco within the premises.
  • Avoid fresheners or humidifiers that only mask the smell of your house or building.
  • Do not use cleaning solutions or household products that contain toxic chemicals or any ingredient that you are not aware of or sure of.
  • Fix leaks and empty pans or containers with exposed stagnant water.
  • Install exhaust or ensure proper ventilation.


Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Help


Aside from the aforementioned tips, and any other techniques out there, thorough and proper carpet cleaning can also greatly improve indoor air quality. 


Stains on carpets, when not addressed immediately or correctly, could harbor mold and bacterial growth. Additionally, since the floor receives the most traffic within a house or a building, it serves as a catch basin of all debris and grimes – from the dirt on the shoes or slippers to the breadcrumbs to falling hair to nail clippings. One cannot even begin to imagine what lies beneath those thick layers of fabrics. Hence, only professional cleaning can directly and effectively address such issues.

Basic vacuuming can clean the surface, but it is not guaranteed that everything is pulled out. This is why it is highly recommended to allow professional cleaners to handle your carpet.