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Landscaping services with their lawn mowing services can affect the hydrologic cycle in more ways than one. Through their creative landscaping plan, they could let the water cycle proceed unimpeded by man-made obstructions or facilitate it by incorporating structures or projects which hasten the water’s return to the proper compartment.


The body is composed of 60-70 percent water (which may vary according to sex, age, and hydration level). The surface of the Earth is also covered by 71% water. Still, much of it (96.5%) is in the oceans and seas, with only 3.5% is freshwater in lakes, rivers, and frozen water in glaciers and ice caps in the North Pole and the South Pole.


Although one might ask, why is the scarcity of water one of the most pressing problems of humanity when there is such an abundance of water resources? Well, the thing is, water is in the compartment where they are not utilizable by man. Most of it is in the oceans and seas, which is undrinkable, nor is it convenient to use them for our shower needs. Nor can you use it for cooking or even watering the plants.


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Although some Middle Eastern countries have applied desalinization or desalination to convert seawater to its drinkable and utilizable form like freshwater, the entire process is costly. The method uses up a significant amount of electricity to push seawater through a filter. Killing the harmful bacteria present in the water is another expense, plus the constant replacement of filters to ensure that no pathogenic microorganisms can pass through. Therefore, it is imperative that we apply or institute measures to keep water returning to its compartment where it can be available in its usable form. Landscaping services through lawn care near me, for instance, can be instruments in this commendable scheme. On the other hand, it will be worth your while to consider how the hydrologic (water) cycle works.


The Hydrologic cycle- Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation


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Like most of the processes on earth, the hydrological cycle, or the water cycle, is driven by heat coming from the sun. It is a continuous process of transforming water from one state to another through different reservoirs from the earth to the atmosphere and back, like a closed system.


Water from the oceans and seas, water evaporates (gaseous form), and condenses in clouds. When it reaches 100% humidity and can no longer accommodate enough water vapor, it precipitates (liquid again) in the form of rain, snow (solid), or hail, depending upon the climate where the process occurs. Most of the water returns to the ground through infiltration, meaning it penetrates the soil back to the water table. Or surface runoff, as when water no longer infiltrates the soil since it is already fully saturated by water, or the rainfall arrives more quickly, leaving no time for the soil to absorb it.


Landscaping and lawn care services can adopt practices that can help the infiltration process to take place. They can design and install a lawn that uses enough topsoil not only to allow roots to penetrate as much as possible but allowing water to infiltrate as well. Planting enough vegetation across the landscape can also facilitate the return of water in the atmosphere. Plants, through transpiration (the process of releasing water through the plant’s stomata), also help return water to the atmosphere. Doing away with applying concrete to the topsoil will also prevent surface runoff. These practices help to replenish water in the water table that can be harnessed for a continuous water supply.